The heart of caring

Hospice services are provided by a care team consisting of: A Registered Nurse, Hospice Aide, Medical Social Worker, and Spiritual Counselor. All services are provided under the direction of a physician and/or the Hospice Medical Director.

Arrangements will be made for hospice-approved medications, medical supplies, and equipment, as appropriate. Alta Care Hospice will work with you to ensure that our services are provided at your convenience to the extent possible. If there are any specific limitations to the service that will be provided, you will be notified.

Alta Care Hospice Involves Professional Staff Members In Developing Your Individual Plan Of Care, Which Is Based Upon Identified Needs, Goals, Physician Orders For Medication, And Your Personal Wishes. Effective Pain Management Is An Important Part Of Your Care Plan.

The plan includes five basic areas:

• Physical Care
• Personal Care and Comfort
• Spiritual Needs
• Psychosocial Needs; and
• Bereavement Care

The plan is reviewed and updated at regular intervals or as needs change. You have the right to refuse any medication or intervention.

However, such refusal may require us to obtain a written statement releasing the agency from all responsibility should anything negative result from such refusal. Should this happen, it is encouraged you to discuss the matter with your physician for advice and guidance.

With your help, on admission, an updated list of your medications will be created. It will then be compare this list of the medications ordered by the physician. Alta Care Hospice staff will review your medications for any discrepancies to avoid omissions, duplications, and potential interactions.

The company fully recognizes your right to dignity and individuality, including privacy in the care of your personal needs. You will be notified if additional care team members need to be present for your visit for reasons of safety, education, or supervision. Prior to anyone visiting your home, we will ask your permission. You have the right to refuse any visitors and this will not compromise your care in anyway.

Alta Care Hospice does not participate in any experimental research connected with patient care except under the direction of your physician, approval from our Executive Director, and your written consent.

There must be a willing, able, and available caregiver to be responsible for your care between hospice visits. This person can be you, a family member, a friend, or a paid caregiver.