You will be assigned an RN Case Manager.  The RN will be coordinating your care with other members of your healthcare team in order to ensure that your needs are being met.  Your RN will also:

  • Assess you and address any physical issues you may be having.  A main focus for your nurse will be keeping you free from discomfort and having the highest quality of life possible   
  • Provide education regarding the progression of your illness as well as providing education to caregivers regarding how best to meet your care needs
  • Make certain that necessary medical supplies and equipment are ordered, and will assist in monitoring your medications
  • Maintain regular communication with your physician in order to make certain that he/she is aware of your status and that orders are being followed
  • Assist you with making important health decisions as well as ensuring that your healthcare decisions are followed

Your nurse will set up a regular visit schedule according to your individual’s needs. He/she will be available and accessible from 9am to 5:30pm, Monday through Friday. 

You can reach your nurse by calling the agency at 702-522-8803. You may reach after hours staff beyond business hours who will provide for your needs.